HR and employees love Kabric

Coordinate company events easily and efficiently

Create events

Create any corporate or office event in our user-friendly dashboard. Kabric will guide you through set up and make localized and unique recommendations based on past events, location, and event type.

Choose Your Details

Plan out every last detail in one centralized space: venue contact information, RSVPs, food preferences, price points, transportation, and more.

Secure backups

Kabric stores all events as templates and uses them to make automagic recommendations for future events. All of your data is backed up on the cloud so your company can compile a valuable event-planning vault of information.

A delight for employees

Employees can create events within Kabric and collaborate with teammates and other planners on the events. Keep all details and correspondence in the dashboard for productive, informed planning.

Propose to Decision Makers

Finally a professionally, stylized way to propose your event plans to the decision makers at your company. Loop them in quickly on important overhead information such as scope of event, estimated budget, and total headcount.

24/7 Support

Event planning has never been so efficient; we designed our dashboard so that your job gets easier, not harder. If ever you need support we’re available for you 24/7.

  • Effective Planning

    Kabric makes office event planning fun, effective, and easy to do - even for the beginner

  • Simple Dashboard

    Don’t underestimate the simplicity of our design. Kabric’s navigable dashboard allows users to learn all of its features without getting overwhelmed.

  • Lasting Results

    Your office events will never be the same and employees will notice! Create a stronger company culture with Kabric.

Smarter planning is just a click away

Your office events will never be the same! Plan your first event on us and witness Kabric’s magic in action.